About the Author

Duane Cartujano is a devout Christian and he became interested in studying biblical duanelanguages like Hebrew, Greek and Syriac Peshitta. His studies of these are continuing. Brother Duane loves to collect books. He has a mini library in his home.

He  used to be a national player in Pencak Silat since he likes martial arts until he became interested in religion. Brother Duane also gained interest in sacred books of other religions like the Islamic Qur’an, Vedas of Hinduism and Book of Mormons. He used to hear these were more sacred than the Bible and have no contradictions. Therefore, he was able to prove the inerrancy of the Bible compared to other books.

Other people who insist on the contradictions of the Bible simply do not understand what they read. Brother Duane is currently a mentor of Vibes Ministry composed of young christian apologists who continuously study how to defend the Christian Faith.

Brother Duane is often invited as speaker including seminaries to talk about apologetics. Brother Duane is the Author of the Book, 5 things you need to before you die with the imprimatur of Archbishop Jose Advincula. He is also the author of Answering Iglesia ni Cristo with foreword from respected bible scholar Dr. Eugene Ulrich, a prominent professor of Hebrew scriptures and author of the book, Biblical Qumran Scrolls. It has an endorsement from Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, one of the best in textual criticism of the New Testament in our generation and author of many popular books like Greek Grammar – Beyond the Basics.

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