There are people who ask about the name of Cain’s Wife.

It is very clear that Cain has a wife according to Genesis 4:17 but her name was not mentioned and God willed it was not mentioned.

Yet, some people insist they know many things and it is possible they just want to pry into these things.

The question is what is the name of Cain’s wife?

There is no biblical record. Besides, there is only one extra-biblical source which offers a name.

We can read the Book of Jubilees which is not included in the Books of the bible.

We can read in Book of Jubilees: Chapter 4, Verse 1:

And Cain took ’Âwân his sister to be his wife and she bare him Enoch at the close of the fourth jubilee. And in the first year of the first week of the fifth jubilee, houses were built on the earth, and Cain built a city, and called its name after the name of his son Enoch.


What is The Book of Jubilees?

Books that belong to the Old Testament period are divided into three categories. There were some books all believers accepted as Scripture. There were books that some accepted as Scripture such as the Old Testament Apocrypha. And, books that all rejected as Scripture which is the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha.

The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha are books written in the name of a biblical character. However, these are really forgeries. The Ethiopic Church is the only Christian group that gave its imprimatur to these books.  These writings are rejected as Scripture by all of Christendom. There is only one exception which is the Ethiopic Church. Nonetheless, there is no basis for accepting these writings as authentic.

The Book of Jubilees or “Lesser Genesis” was probably written around the 2nd century BC.  There are accounts of the world’s biblical history from the creation to Moses. The book segregates history into periods or “jubilees” of 49 years. It provides interesting details like the names of Adam’s daughters. The only complete version of the Book of Jubilees is written in Ethiopian, though most scholars believe that it was originally written in Hebrew. There are some fragments existing today in Greek and Latin, but nowhere near a complete book in either language.

The Book of Jubilees was found in an Ethiopic translation from Greek in four manuscripts between the 15th and 16th centuries prior to the Dead Sea Scrolls. There also existed a few quotes of a Greek translation of Jubilees and Latin translation from Greek that covered around ¼  of the entire part. It is the modern pre-Christian version of Rabbinic Literature. This is a rewritten version of the book of Genesis as well as initial chapters of Exodus. Yet, it was written too late to be included in the Old Testament.